data Is lost is a not-for-profit organization

dedicated to making individuals aware of how data can be lost and the financial and personal consequences of losing data.

you wake up one morning and. you think everything is ok.

but soon all of your data will be lost.

every second of every day, your data can be lost.

just visiting this Web site may mean that all your data is lost.have you checked it lately? are you sure it is there? maybe it is lost?

so you visit a Web site like this one, you don't know anything about it, but all sorts of things can be running on it, maybe something that makes your drive crash and then your data is lost.

have you heard of heisenberg's uncertainty principle? just checking your data may also cause all of your data to be lost. now what? you are on this site because it is too late. your data is lost.

your e-mail / your schoolwork / your business files / your music / your movies / your family photos / your hacking tools / files you should not have / your bank accounts/ your art / your your data all of it is lost. kiss your data goodbye.

we can't help you get it back, but soon we will be offering

free grief counselling services to help you cope with the financial and psychological trauma of your data being lost.

it's ok, you don't have to feel as bad as this cat does!

soon we will help you with your data being lost.